NGOLP Documentary
NGOLP Documentary

NGOLP promotion video Pitching Day 2019

NGOLP 2021 Application has now closed.

Welcome to the OSC/UBS/CUHK NGO Leadership Programme (NGOLP). 

During OSC/UBS NGO Leadership Programme 2021, participants will have the chance to gain a holistic understanding of how sustainable contributions can drive social good under the guidance and mentorship of UBS members and CUHK professors. The 9-months course will teach the participants on valuable skills about how to run, evolve and enhance community initiatives. The NGOLP creates an optimal environment in which our participants can develop their management skills further, and gain new perspectives on how to advance and evolve community initiatives.

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“Knowledge transfer is one of the essential missions of university academics. It is indeed our great privilege to run this program jointly with UBS and Operational Santa Claus for five years, which aims to enhance the human capabilities of leaders of the non-government organizations (NGOs). The program has achieved a significant impact on the participants, who in turn have delivered positive changes on the participating NGOs as well as their service users. We earnestly hope that this program will continue to bloom and develop soon for the betterment of our society.”

Prof. Joyce L.C. Ma, Programme Chairperson, OSC/UBS NGO Leadership Programme

“This course brings together NGOs and Corporates in a practical academic environment to hone the participants’​ leadership skills and showcase practical programs that are making a difference, while engaging more closely with key government departments. With a strong track record of equipping present and future NGO leaders with the tools to better serve our community, we look forward to further success and collaboration.”

Mr. Rob Stewart, Head Corporate Communications APAC, UBS

“Operation Santa Claus is run by two media organisations. We believe that communication and trust between the public and NGOs is the key to success. Communication between NGOs is the key to development within the sector, and a main theme of our Leadership programme.“

Mr. Hugh Chiverton, Head of English Programme Service, RTHK

“The NGO Leadership Program has created something special, something sustainable, that has allowed us to give back to the Hong Kong community in a meaningful way. This is having a positive impact on the world of NGOs and the Hong Kong community creating greater synergies, sharing best practices and building long-term networks. UBS is proud to be a part of this ground-breaking program.”

Ms. Amy Lo, Co-Head UBS Wealth Management APAC, Head and Chief Executive, UBS Hong Kong