Get Involved

Get Involved

The OSC/UBS NGO Leadership provides a platform for professionals from the corporate sector and the general public to take up voluntary opportunities in Hong Kong NGOs. With this cross-sector cooperation, we hope to promote the spirit of helpfulness and further encourage mutual benefits among different industries in Hong Kong.

Ready to be a Volunteer?

  • Our participating NGOs are looking for professional help to enhance their operations. Please take a look at the voluntary opportunities that we offer.
  • Volunteers with financial, legal and management backgrounds are highly preferred

Are you one of our participating NGOs?

  • Need a professional volunteer for your organisation? Or do you have a project in mind/in operation that needs funding support? You can now sign up to tell us your need! Please don’t hesitate to reach out and provide the details!

Are you ready to make Contributions?

Every year our participating organisations come up with brilliant ideas aimed at solving social problems, while funding sources are limited. If you are interested in funding social projects, please take a look at the projects and participating organisations on our list!