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24 Sep 2021

Hong Kong NGOs helping homeless find careers, students manage emotions earn HK$400,000 Leadership Programme grants

Two projects – one aimed at helping Hong Kong’s homeless enter the workforce and another at promoting “social-emotional” learning in city schools – have claimed the two top prizes in this year’s NGO Leadership Programme.

One, ImpactHK’s Dreamswork project, hopes to help 48 homeless people enter the workforce by helping them tailor personalised career plans, then placing them in short-term jobs matched up with their goals.

A crowdfunding page will also be launched to invite the public to support the jobseekers.

The other winning team, Teach for Hong Kong, will offer one-year fellowships aimed at incorporating social-emotional learning – a form of training for emotional management and compassionate communication – into school assemblies and designated event days.

The NGO will also give teachers and parents the chance to participate in workshops to foster better learning environments for children.


8 Apr 2021

How rugby is helping Hong Kong's ethnic minority children overcome pain, pandemics and prejudice

“It felt great to be outside with friends again. Rugby is a little bit difficult – passing, running, juking – but I learned the rules well,” said 11-year-old Abhi Limbu, one of 90 students from ethnic minority-friendly educational centre Integrated Brilliant Education Limited (IBEL) during their “rugby fun day” organised with the Hong Kong Rugby Union (HKRU) at a sweltering King’s Park on Wednesday.

IBEL’s co-founder and CEO, Manoj Dhar, explained why their constant push to hold sports activities is so important for this comparatively underprivileged demographic.

“It’s always been about getting and encouraging the kids out of their homes. The last year has been rough – they couldn’t do anything,” Dhar said, adding that there were several postponements to their rugby fun day and it was “nothing short of a miracle” that they managed it now. IBEL and the HKRU have been organising such events for more than three years.

15 Mar 2021

Warm Welcome to Wofoo Foundation Limited and its Founder and Chairman, Dr Joseph Lee, joining NGOLP as new Strategic Partner!

Wofoo Foundation, established by Dr Lee in 1997, has partnered with Operation Santa Claus, the annual fundraising campaign jointly organised by the South China Morning Post and public broadcaster RTHK, in providing leadership training for aspiring NGO executives.


This year, 28 participants from various organisations, including NGOs and social enterprises, will hone their skills in strategic thinking and resource planning, and learn from financial services professionals, field experts and alumni mentors. The virtual opening of the programme was held on Friday.

26 Feb 2021

Viu TV "Changemakers"

Check out the English interview of our 2019 Champion James Chong at ViuTV “Changemakers”, sharing his work advocating for the love of reading!

11 Nov 2020

Hong Kong organisation pushing STEM learning for all is among this year’s Operation Santa Claus beneficiaries

STEM education is increasingly gaining traction in Hong Kong as the government continues to emphasise its importance to future scientific and technological developments, but one non-profit group has noted a problem: not every teacher is trained to teach these disciplines well.


Hong Kong Children in Need Foundation Limited (HKCIN), established in 2019, sees opportunities in providing more resources for lower-income primary school students by empowering teachers with the necessary knowledge to educate the younger generation….

10 OCT 2020

雕塑家化廢為藝 逆境灑微笑種子 (Changing Unwanted Materials into Arts, and Sowing the Seed of Smiles)

*Chinese Only

藝術往往予人離地印象,其實不一定孤芳自賞,可融入日常生活,帶出有意義訊息;我是楊嘉美(May),港產雕塑家,在美國芝加哥大學完成視學藝術及政治學雙學士課程後,曾於投行高盛工作,最終選擇全情投入雕塑事業,近年積極用回收物料轉化成作品,冀鼓勵外界更關注環保議題,以藝術回饋社會。 我自小喜愛藝術,8歲學畫 …

14 OCT 2020

【疫下變陣】資優生棄讀「神科」做雕塑家 大型策展叫停轉攻社區創作

*Chinese Only



23 SEP 2020

Funding boost for projects to empower Hong Kong’s domestic helpers and special needs youth

The risks of plunging into debt or falling victim to scams show the need for Hong Kong’s foreign domestic workers to develop a better understanding of their finances, according to Zamira Monteiro.

The Enrich HK communications manager said the city’s domestic workers were more vulnerable to pressures such as recruitment-related arrears and hoped to empower more of them to achieve greater financial security….

The second winner, Christine Fung Hiu-tung from InspiringHK Sports Foundation, wants her project to inspire youths with special needs to be more engaged in sport.

A senior marketing and communications manager, who used to work for a renowned sports brand, Fung said her personal experience of helping family members with special needs enabled her to develop an online sports programme in greater depth….

Ming Pao Weekly
25 May 2020

【失收期自救實錄】疫情下許多人首次瞓街:不要抱怨在家工作 因為有人無家無工作 ( Don't complain about working from home, as many don't even have a home to work)

*Chinese Only



「當我們都在抱怨要在家工作的時候,有些人卻根本沒有家,也沒有工作。」慈善團體ImpactHK創辦人Jeff Rotmeyer苦笑:「那是一場不知何時醒來的噩夢。」

一個巨浪襲來,失業大軍在茫茫大海中撈不出工作,有些人錢財散盡,最後流落街頭。無家者能否洗澡,由體育館掌握;「麥難民」是否有家可歸,由快餐店控制。其他人可能為防疫用品而奔走,可是,「他們要擔心的事已經夠多,連基本生存需要都沒有,根本顧不了防疫」。許多細微的事,人們以為是必然的,但對於他們來說,可以work from home(在家工作),已是一件美事……

15 May 2020

香港家庭幸福指數僅6分 中大調查:港人長工時缺家庭生活 ( Hong Kong families only scored 6 on Hong Kong Familiy Wellbeing Index, CUHK researcher said it's related to the long working hours and lack of family life)

*Chinese Only



15 May 2020

Hong Kong Rugby Union provides helping hand for non-Chinese students in charity’s fight against ‘racism and bias’ in schools

Magar and Gurung, who are of Nepalese descent, could be counted as two of the lucky ones given their academic prowess. Manoj Dhar, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Integration Brilliant Education, a charity providing after-school care and academic support for non-Chinese speaking children, offers support to children like Magar and Gurung inside what he calls a “discriminatory” local school system……

HKRU chief executive Robbie McRobbie said both organisation’s ideals line up, so working together is seamless…….

China Daily
14 May 2020

Underprivileged students need more help during lockdown

What an incredibly challenging academic year it has been for Hong Kong’s 900,000 schoolchildren.

With the Diploma of Secondary Education exams perhaps providing the only semblance of normalcy for students, 2019-20 can be best summed up by Charles Dickens in his A Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair….

The Loop HK
4 May 2020

Hot Seat: Lena Wong of HK Momtrepreneurs on mothers in business

Lena Wong is the dedicated founder of HK Momtrepreneurs, an organization that supports mothers who want to start their own businesses. She tells The Loop HK what it’s like to be a parent and a businesswoman in Hong Kong, all at the same time…..


Wen Wei Po
29 April 2020

網上教學 少數族裔易被邊緣化 (Ethnic Minorities are easily be Marginalized under Online Teaching)


(Chinese Only)

受新冠肺炎疫情影響,學校復課遙遙無期,打破「沙士」51天的停課紀錄。不同的是,17年後的今天,科技發展令教學工作可移至虛擬網絡進行。這段期間,停課不停學成了師生的首要任務。然而,部分基層家庭的學生家中缺乏上網條件,網上學習成了不可能的任務。「整整幾個月,這些孩子因家庭條件所限沒法上課,在家可以幹什麼呢?推行網上教學也應根據實際情況而定。」印度裔商人戴文諾(Manoj Dhar)說……

1 May 2020

Campaign to send thank you cakes to Hong Kong medical staff fighting coronavirus crowdfunds HK$30,000 in 3 weeks. You can donate to send more

Greg March listened to Hongkongers clapping to show their support for medical staff in the city battling the Covid-19 outbreak and wondered if more could not be done to show Hong Kong’s gratitude for their work.

March, director of partnerships for a charity that trains people with learning difficulties, quickly thought of The Nest Bakery, one of four social enterprises the charity, The Nesbitt Centre
, created to provide them with work experience….

26 April 2020

Social distancing in 100 square feet: Hong Kong's cage homes are almost impossible to self-isolate in

Hong Kong (CNN)- Before the pandemic, Lum Chai used to go to the park and drink beers with friends to escape his tiny living quarters. Now the 45-year-old walks the city’s streets aloneto kill time and keep away from his neighbors….

Jeff Rotmeyer, the founder of the charity Impact HK, which assists the city’s needy, said many people seeking help from the organization recently have reported having their hours cut, or worse having lost their jobs….


Ming Pao 
26 April 2020

友誼達人Jeff Rotmeyer 疫病時期,給無家者一個家 (Jeff Rotmeyer, the Master of Friendship, Provides Home for the Homeless during the Pandemic)

(Chinese Only)



植根大角嘴的無家者服務慈善團體ImpactHK創辦人Jeff Rotmeyer說,單是上個月,他們便協助了六十名無家者脫離街頭,暫住賓館與劏房……

South China Morning Post
18 April 2020

Coronavirus is not a great equaliser, but could be a force for good if we extend the lessons learnt to the post-pandemic era

“Covid-19 does not discriminate.” This adage reminds us of our shared humanity, that anyone could catch the virus, no matter where you live or what your stature in society might be. But this idea, while partly true, also contains dangerous falsehoods.

This disease is not a great equaliser; it further exposes disparities, especially in one of the most unequal cities in the developed world. Although Hong Kong should be commended for containing the coronavirus, its impact on people has varied….

Sing Tao Daily
13 March 2020

印裔商人辦補習中心 助非華語童學好中文 (Indian Businessman Starts Tuition Centre for Hong Kong Minorities)

(Chinese Only)


China Daily
25 February 2020

Teaching Chinese to ethnic minority requires commitment

The findings of a recent survey by the University of Hong Kong and Oxfam threw up alarming statistics. Apparently, 3 in 5 teachers are not confident about teaching Chinese to ethnic minority students; 93 percent of primary school principals said they had difficulty in employing staff with relevant skills to teach Chinese as a second language…

South China Morning Post
31 December 2019

New Year’s Honours: MBE awarded to Hong Kong Rugby Union chief executive Robbie McRobbie for philanthropy and UK relations

Robbie McRobbie, CEO of the Hong Kong Rugby Union, has been awarded an MBE. Photo: Tory Ho

Hong Kong Rugby Union chief executive Robbie McRobbie has been awarded a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in the New Year’s Honours List for his services to philanthropy and UK-Hong Kong relations.

The list recognises Britons for their outstanding contributions to their fields…

South China Morning Post
30 September 2019

Helping blind children to read picture books earns company’s founder HK$800,000 grant from Chinese University programme sponsored by Operation Santa Claus

James Chong (left), the founder of Rolling Books, alongside Dawning Leung, Founder and CEO of Audio Description Association (Hong Kong), and Rob Stewart, Head Corporate Communications APAC, UBS. Photo: May Tse

James Chong Kwok-tung believes blind children can enjoy reading picture books like their able-bodied peers do – if the stories are relayed in the right format.

Using sound clips, Braille and tactile paper sculpture, the founder of Rolling Books is producing volumes specifically designed for his visually impaired young readers, who use their other senses to help cope with vision loss…

South China Morning Post
25 March 2019

Hong Kong NGO leadership programme nurtures social service network for the future

(L-R): Lena Wong, of Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs Limited, and James Chong, of Rolling Books Limited, at a lunch for the NGO leadership programme March 22. Photo: Edmond So

Businesswoman Lena Wong is all about helping mothers continue their careers after giving birth, while James Chong Kwok-tung wants children to read more books…

South China Morning Post
7 December 2018

Help us find out what Hong Kong public needs from government, welfare chief tells NGO leaders.

Law Chi-kwong (third right) with attendees at the forum. Photo: Winson Wong

Hong Kong’s welfare chief has urged NGOs to help the government by airing their views on what people want and need from its policies.

Addressing a forum at Chinese University on Tuesday, Law Chi-kwong, himself a former social work academic, said officials and charities could work together. He said NGO leaders, who represent different segments of the community, should tell the government what members of the public expect…

South China Morning Post
1 October 2018

Organic frozen food project that hires elderly Hongkongers wins HK$800,000 funding from Operation Santa Claus

Everbright Concern Action was competing against 27 other projects for funding. Photo: Edward Wong

Seeing the elderly regaining confidence and making friends at work, Kenneth Choi Man-kin from Everbright Concern Action is opening an organic frozen food production line to offer simple jobs to the city’s retired residents.

The project, which won the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s NGO Leadership Programme 2018 Pitching Day to secure HK$800,000 funding, involves selling frozen dinners made from organic produce….

South China Morning Post
11 March 2018

When NGOS, corporate executives and scholars exchange ideas in Hong Kong leadership course, lives are transformed

Participants and mentors from the NGO Leadership Programme kick off the 2018 instalment. Photo: K. Y. Cheng

They may have different backgrounds, but 29 participants at an executive training course in Hong Kong gathered on Friday with the same ultimate goal in mind – transforming the lives of others.

The aspirants are part of the NGO Leadership Programme, sponsored by Operation Santa Claus, the annual fundraising campaign jointly organised by the South China Morning Post and RTHK…

South China Morning Post
5 October 2016

Fighting poverty in Hong Kong with a swipe of a vending machine

Undersecretary for Labour and Welfare Stephen Sui Wai-keung (left) with award winners Deanie Chiu and Matthew Lee. Photo: Jonathan Wong

“Imagine a vending machine that sells basic necessities such as sugar and rice at an affordable price. That’s Matthew Lee Ping-fai and Deanie Chiu Fung-ha’s idea to help the poor in Hong Kong.”…

South China Morning Post
26 April 2016

Help each other to help those in need, Hong Kong charities urged

Non-profit representatives attending the fair in Central. Photo: Dickson Lee

Hong Kong charities have been urged to work together more and improve links with corporations while continuing to raise public awareness.

“I think there has to be more synergy in terms of cross-sector collaboration,” said Robin Hwang, executive director of the Foodlink Foundation…

South China Morning Post
25 February 2016

Operation Santa Claus: Future charity leaders gather to hone their skills

Participants attend the opening ceremony of the Operation Santa Claus UBS leadership programme. Photo: Jonathan Wong

“Twenty-six charity leaders of the future gathered at the opening ceremony of a programme geared towards bringing together experts in finance and social work to bolster the city’s charity sector”…

South China Morning Post
23 July 2015

25 NGOS embark on training course to secure funding through Operation Santa Claus Scheme

Amy Lo Choi-wan, Linda Wong Sau-yung, Mandy Cheung Hiu-wah, of Aids Concern, and Alice Page discuss projects. Photo: SCMP Pictures

“From helping boys who suffered sexual violence to enabling children of prisoners to visit their parents in jail, a total of 25 non-governmental organisations are hoping their project proposals can win up to HK$1 million of funding in an NGO mentorship programme this year”…

RTHK Programme

Ram Cnaan, Professor and Director, Programme for Religion and Social Policy Research, School of Social Policy & Practice, University of Pennsylvania (2018 Industry Forum Keynote Speaker)

Victoria Wisniewski Otero, Founder & CEO, Resolve Foundation Hong Kong (2016 Participant) on Backchat